Dating Safety for Mariners

dating and boating saftey

Cruising Match wants you to have the best possible experience by dating safely.

Cruise with confidence.

Before dating be clear about what you want and say so in your profile.Joining platonic, romantic or more adventurous groups help to find a like minded partner.

We recommend a shore date or two before cruising. Get to know your captain and shipmates before you go to sea. This could be a freshly caught fish meal  in the galley while at dock! Now you know before you are off-shore  if there are fish allergies and also if there is a good cook between you.

Day cruises before a long overnight trip also makes sense. Learn each other and learn the boat.

Common sense makes boating and dating safe.

Don’t boat and drink at the same time. Find out about any habits like smoking or drinking which are not compatible with yours.

Know whether or not your partner can swim.This is not something to find out in the middle of the ocean!

Pack first aid equipment, and any medications which you may need. And check the diesel, gas or wind.

Captains should always make sure to explain safety procedures on board and provide life jackets for everyone. If safety is ignored then it could have worse consequences than accidental pregnancy.

Leave a float plan. Whether you choose to inform a family member or staff at your local marina,always be sure to let someone else know your float plan.
This should include where you’re going and how long you’re going to be gone. Much like on shore!

Learn Together.  Mates on the water depend on each other and are true team mates. Good skippers will teach and there are many sources for boating education
starting with Transport Canada. Keep yourself informed.

Family planning on the water takes preparation, learn how to stock a boat for long cruises.

And Finally always be aware of safe dating practices




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