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Found on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, this is one of the most alluring and islolated places that we visited. Have you seen it? Do you know where it is and the name of it? Name this beach and Cruisingmatch will give you a free lifetime membership for you or a friend.

Of course if you have visited this shore then that in itself is reward enough. Magnificent ripples of dark and light colored sand make this one unique. It is a marine park and found by boat. After anchoring on a quiet sandy beach we walked a trail which opened up to this incredible coastline. Evidence of a recent wolf on the beach and rock flowers amongst the sound of the waves completed the severe excitement of being alone with nature.

My hope is that you have visited here and enjoyed this isolated beach with a great mate. However, if you desire compatible crew or a sailmate to explore this and all of the worlds most amazing beaches, then you are in luck. With crusingmatch’s help you can sail or fish  with a friend now. This is a select group of people who love to be on the water. Boaters and enthusiasts, all of whom want to get connected and explore the water world. If this is you then find the perfect mate. Make it happen.

So talk to me – I am curious how many people have visited this coast. You will find a new challenge to identify or get to know  each time we return from cruising! I welcome you to share your adventure photographs on site when you join as well.

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